The Nimbin Soundtrail is an immersive audio experience of place and community, featuring 18 story sites, throughout Nimbin village.



The Nimbin Soundtrail App is an exciting way to get to know the village and community a bit better while you’re here. Using your headphones and following the on-screen map, you will be guided on a journey through the village and into its past. From Dreamtime to farming time to Aquarius time, this Soundtrail is a sonic journey through the heart of Australia’s most famous alternative lifestyle destination. Walk in and out of stories, triggered by your location throughout the village, spoken by prominent locals and cultural icons to discover more about the Aquarius Festival, local Indigenous culture, Nimbin’s farming history and environmental legacy. (more)



  1. Download the Soundtrail app
  2. Select Nimbin
  3. Download the Nimbin Soundtrail
  4. Put on your headphones and start walking.
  5. Walk in and out of stories as you follow the map on-screen. GPS will track your location.

Safety Warning (more)

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