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Two years ago I met up with my Partner Matt and we put our heads and hearts together and started to develop a life where our passions and ethics could run free.

We are both nature people – earth lovers – we walk barefoot and tend our gardens with love and care. Matt and I have both studied a range of topics such as human nutrition, environmental science and permaculture.

Chefs by profession, we started our business ‘Barefoot Affairs’, where create full flavoured foods, specialising in organic, vegan, raw, gluten free and sugar free food alchemy. We started at local farmers markets where we were overwhelmingly supported by lovers of fine foods.

We have built relationships with our loyal customers who we can trust to always be honest and supportive. We both love becoming a part of people’s weekly food rituals. We strongly believe in seasonal spontaneity and often whip up new things for a week that won’t reappear till next season.

We have had the good fortune of securing the lease at the Eltham Valley Pantry for the next chapter in our barefoot affair. It’s a place where we can bring our farming and gardening passions together with our kitchen skills. The will allow us to showcase our passion to the public every day.

We support local growers, use only free range meats, certified organic milk and eggs.

A customer once said to us “Wow you guys don’t take any shortcuts” and, on reflection, I think that sums us up perfectly.

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