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I moved to Nimbin in 1999, a refugee from Sydney's increasing population and soaring housing prices, after two decades selling music for companies like Sony, BMG and Festival Music.

We had good friends who had packed up, moved north and bought a property in Tuntable Falls. We came for a visit and in 1997 fell in love with the Tuntable Valley. We bought the property next door. It took us 2 years to be able to move up but we finally arrived with 12-year-old Josh, 2-year-old Rae and our dog Mudgee on a very wet 6th January 1999.

I was lucky to score a job straight away at the Emporium and spent the next 6 years as the regular face behind the DVD and Health food counter upstairs. This was a great time and I got to meet most of the Nimbin locals and made some great friends.

I bought the Nimbin Candle Factory in 2005 and have worked with my wife Lisa, son Josh, daughters Rae and Holly and our great staff Seppie and Pat to make it one of the best places to visit in Nimbin.

Like Nimbin, we are a colorful and unique part of the local community, with visitors from around the world dropping in to take in the colour and vibrancy of our beautiful workshop.

I am proud to call Nimbin my home and love being able to supply light to the community that I love.

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