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My name is Darren Butcher and I'm a fourth generation Nimbinite and owner of the Nimbin Bakery. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were all dairy farmers and I grew up on the family farm on Gungas Road.

I went to Nimbin Central for my primary schooling and Richmond River High in Lismore. I married my wife Tricia Nugent in 1993 at St Marks Anglican Church, Nimbin and we had our wedding reception at the Nimbin Bowling Club.

Tricia is also a third generation Nimbinite and her parents Bill and Nancy also owned the bakery for 13 years before selling it in 1996.

Having grown up through the Aquarius festival, I have seen the full transformation of the village from the once sleeping rural dairy community to the alternative living capital of Australia.

I grew up and went to school along side many "hippie" kids whose parents came to town in 1973 with the Aquarius Festival. I am still friends with many today.

I really love still being here and being part of a community that has so many creative and talented people with so many personalities.

Huge numbers of tourists visit Nimbin annually and I hope they leave with a positive impression of Nimbin.

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