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I moved to the North Coast from Sydney over 20 years ago with my hubby, Andy.

In Sydney, we had started our own little cottage industry in the back garden of our apartment building. I would paint naïve, colourful images and Andy made the frames from wood that we’d salvaged from council throw outs.

When we planted a veggie garden we knew it was time to make a move to the country.

On a trip to Nimbin we saw an ad for ‘unique cottage on 5 acres’ there was a little picture and every window was painted a different colour. We fell in love with our new home and Nimbin, inspiring dear friends to purchase the neighbouring property.

Things quickly fell into place and I got a job at the Nimbin Hotel.  Hospitality suits my personality and my role as a bar manager is a varied one; from back of house to front of house, serving customers, having a chat and a laugh while I work – I have met some of my best friends over the bar at the hotel.

Living in the Rainbow Region has given me a rich experience of diversity.

I am proud to be an Authorised Marriage Celebrant and a part of this strong community that acknowledges the importance of rituals marking our passages through time.  I consider myself honoured to play an integral role in the marriage ceremony, celebrating one of the most important milestones in a couple’s life.

Andy and I are creative souls, we are passionate about up-cycled art and enjoy this activity together. People like to give us things; beads, buttons, broken crockery, pieces of fabric, legs off a table, tyres from a trolley …  creating something beautiful from bits of rubbish that were headed for landfill is very satisfying, almost magical.

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