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I’ve lived in Nimbin for over 30 years and feel truly blessed. Not only is the physical environment stunning and enriching, I have a fantastic network of friends – my extended family. I have raised a child here, met my husband and soon I’ll be enriching my wonderfully fulfilling life with a grandchild.

I started Nimbin Apothecary with a friend in 1990. More than 25 years later I still love working there. The shop provides an extensive, over-the-counter herbal dispensary on the main street of Nimbin, the first of its kind in this region, and aims to connect people with the healing power of plants.

Together with my naturopath colleagues we bring to the community a wide range of traditional lotions, potions, oils, herb teas and much more. Even my husband gets in there at times.

Living in such a vibrant community encourages you to get involved.

I was an elected local government Councillor for 12 years but now satisfy my social and political interests through active involvement in varied community organisations.

Apart from catching up with friends for a chat on the main street I relish the time I spend in my beautiful garden on one of Nimbin’s original homesteads.

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