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I am a super girl and I have wings to fly with. Like all beings on earth I am made of stardust created from galactic collisions.

I came to Nimbin many years ago, a student artist dropping out from the rat race to settle in an idealistic way of life with like-minded people in a beautiful environment.

I have planted orchards, built shelters and raised two beautiful daughters here; Rahima and Mahalia who currently both attend university in Melbourne.

I have been deeply involved in conservation – here on Mount Nardi in 1982 and the Franklin river in Tasmania in 1983. Both of these areas now have World Heritage status.

In 2006 I undertook full time studies at Wollingbar TAFE in Tourism Operations, after many years working in hospitality. In 2007 I began working with Lismore City Council as a Tourism Services Officer. I also began a full time Bachelor of Visual Arts at Southern Cross University in Lismore to improve my skills for my art practice.

I have worked for Lismore Council at the Nimbin Visitor Information Centre for almost nine years and am proud to represent a face of Nimbin to the many thousands of visitors that come here every year.

Nimbin is a wonderful place to live with a strong and vibrant community which I know as my family. I feel privileged to have spent so many years in the area and many valuable experiences have given me a strong connection to this place. It is a sacred and special area and its people have a powerful heart that radiates love, inclusiveness and creativity.   

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