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I visited Nimbin many times throughout the 1970’s.

I never thought I’d end up living here, I was a Melbourne surfy chick.

I was about to move into a house in Duranbah, when it burnt down with half my belongings.

A friend offered us a house on Tuntable Falls Community so we moved.

I embraced and loved the hippy lifestyle… in those days, no vehicle, no electricity…

Magical times.

I eventually built my own home on Tuntable and many years later I gave birth to my gorgeous son, moved house and business premises all within a month…and survived…

I am very passionate about the environment, and in 1991, was active in protesting at Green’s Scrub and Mt Nardi. This is now a National Park and World Heritage Area.

In 1987 I opened my business “Fashionating” starting off with handmade creations which expanded into exotic feel good things. I am now in my third location in the village.

I have watched the village develop over many years, dirt road to sealed, carpark, businesses come and go, people come and go. I’m constantly amazed at the high academic, artistic and caring people in this place I call home…

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