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We found our home nearly 15 years ago, a little picture in the paper that a dear friend showed us. My hubby, Dennis and I have lived nestled in our valley ever since. Here we are raising our 2 lovely children Finley and Liam and not a day goes by where we don’t find some wonder and amazement in this special little valley.  I feel very blessed that our children can see the beauty of where we live and often comment on how lucky we are to live on this land.

Nimbin sometimes gets a bad rap in the media, yet I have never felt as supported and nurtured as I do  amongst this community.  I have meet many people I admire, many who have inspired me to be the best version of me and many who make me laugh deeply. When someone has a baby or gets sick here, there will be weeks of food delivered to their door to nourish the family.  For me there is something very special about that, it’s a small thing but oh so special.

For  years my friend Rebecca and I talked of opening a shop  together. We were both sick of buying things for of children and them falling apart or breaking after a short time.    

This is where The Green Bank was born..... Rebecca, Lishia and I founded the store in early 2012, we wanted to create a hub, a place where conscious consumerism could be possible. We spent many late nights researching companies and the quality of their products. We wanted our customers to be happy in the knowledge that we had found the best of any given product.  It was a beautiful process, one which we all grew from.

In 2014, the girls’ lives went in different directions and so I bought them out and have been flying solo ever since.

I am proud of what we created and have loved watching the business grow and evolve into something very beautiful.  It was recently called a home wares and gift shop with integrity, I like that.

The shop brings all of my talents together.... I massage in the shop, along with several other talented practioners, as well as making my own organic skincare range, Naturally Nourished, in store.

I love living in Nimbin, I love being part of the community and I love raising my children here.

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