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How does a traveller get permanently caught in the Nimbin Experience?

I left the UK in 2007 heading for Australia, other than that, I was winging it. My first stop was Brisbane, where I decided a 2nd year visa was probably important, so I spent 4 months outside Roma on cattle station. I highly recommend everyone does this at some point!

Cairns was the next stop, where I lived on the Reef eventually earning my Dive Master. My Visa was coming to its end. My plan was to continue through to Thailand and work in Dive Schools, eventually work my way back to the UK. But plans...well plans… haha.

I was diving in Byron Bay where I saw an advert for a Backpackers for sale in Nimbin. I'd never been to Nimbin before, or even heard of it, but as always I was up for an adventure. I'd worked in multiple backpacker hostels during my 2 years in Oz and through the sheer Power of Grey Scull I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the YHA here in Nimbin. What an adventure it has been so far.

I feel that my job isn't really to provide accommodation, of course it’s a major part but i feel making people happy is really where it’s at. Giving the guests something different than another night in a Backpackers. Brand Personality, atmosphere and excellent vibes are what have taken Nimbin Rox YHA to the top 1% in Australia's Budget Accommodation providers.

To me, Nimbin truly is home. This beautifully chaotic interesting place never has a boring moment, and sometimes feels like you are caught in a fiction novel, but maybe that’s just the shrooms…

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