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I can only describe my arrival in Nimbin as fated.

My mother came from Finland and my father from Wales, and I was born in PNG, which makes me a "boat person”.

Having travelled extensively and lived in many cities, those "rolling hills" surrounding Nimbin were immensely beautiful and refreshingly appealing, as was the alternative nature of the village. Nimbin has given me the opportunity to live a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle, and permitted me the freedom to continue with my art.

I am a part of the BRUSH OFF Gallery collective, an independent, expressive, dynamic gallery, which asserts artistic license, without commercial conditions.

Our art represents a therapeutic and truthful search for the "philosophers stone". We delve deeply and relentlessly into our paints and minds to express and communicate to our wonderful audience who then feel free to contribute their own personal meanings onto the paintings. This in turn gives each work another dimension and life of its own.

The aim of the BRUSH OFF is for the Artists to freely share their love of art, and ensure that our viewers feel comfortable and to take time to partake in the works at their leisure.

We are grateful to be here, and believe that in providing Nimbin with our alternative gallery, we are contributing to its reputation as a place that expresses freedom and experimental courage in Art…

"The International Brush Off Gallery" attracts people from all ages, nationalities and walks of life. What they all have in common is a love of Art, which lures them away from the mainstream and brings them to us.

One of the most gratifying comments that I have received from a young European traveller, and art lover was " Wow there are no art galleries like this anywhere"...a comment that I hear frequently and encourages us to continue day to day.

We’re open 7 days from 11am to 2pm. Drop bye and say hi.

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