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I guess I could say my dogs brought me to Nimbin. I tried to find a home that I could share with my dogs for over six months. Finally, through friends of friends, I found a cabin in the bush, up Blue Knob just north of town (one of the sleeping brothers, but that’s another story).

Nimbin is a special town, it’s a town that celebrates life, embraces uniqueness, with a community that is rare and hard to find. A community that will stand up and give support as briskly as it will stand up and say that’s not right or ok. Which is a stance we have a history of doing. Standing up too, and against corporate destruction and oppression, while still offering ethical solutions.

I feel proud to be a part of a town and a community that is prepared to stand up for the Earth, for the love of the Earth and for the future of life and culture on this planet. In essence Nimbin is a loving community that dares to look through the smokescreen (no pun intended). It is the very reason that the world comes to our door.

Since 1999, as owners of Perceptio Book shop, my wife Chrissie and I have met people from all over this planet. People come to Nimbin to see how things can be done differently. They are people that want a future on a healthy planet. Some may find coming to Nimbin helps remind them how beautiful, colourful and unique a collective future can be, a future that cares for this Earth.

If you make it to Nimbin town, come into Perceptio and say hello, you might even find me working.

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