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I moved to Nimbin 21 years ago for the birth of my first grandchild.

I decided to stay. After 10 years in Wollongong and 1 year in Alice Springs I was pleasantly surprised by Nimbin’s very active welcoming community.

My initial qualification as a Physical Education teacher and representation in the Australian Hockey team in 1967 has meant I am interested in opportunities for locals to be involved in some sort of physical activities.

Nimbin has a wonderful free, well used swimming pool, funded originally by the community, opened in 1978. The Lismore City Council now has the responsibility for it’s maintenance. I became concerned the pool wasn’t receiving the regular maintenance it required and when a similar pool in south Lismore was closed due to lack of maintenance, I decided to start FRIENDS OF THE NIMBIN POOL. To date we have installed 5 bench seats, helped with sweeping up the crumbling surface and had a drinking fountain installed at the nearby BBQ area.

Our annual celebration of all things watery is the NIMBIN POOL OLYMPIC GAMES including novelty events such as WORLD FLOATING MARATHON  and SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING and various races. We have over 50 members  and together we have kept the pool in the public eye.

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