nimbin murals

nimbin murals

Previous to the festival Australian psychedelic artist Vernon Treweeke came up with the idea to paint the town. Festival organisers Graeme Dunstan and Johnny Allen organised permission from the shopkeepers. An array of local artists have continued to work on the murals ever since.

Murals of aboriginal designs have been painted by members of the Roberts family as well as Alan Barker, Herbie Roberts and Burri Jerome. The Nimbin Museum was covered in vividly decorated works by Burri, Espeth Jones and Helen Rodriguez and the walls on the inside of the Rainbow Café also showcased Burri’s work with pictures describing the story of creation.

The H.E.M.P Embassy (formerly the Tomato Sauce building painted by Vernon Treweeke), has been vividly painted by Espeth Jones, whose poster art work adorns the annual Mardi Grass poster.

The 7 panel mural on the Nimbin pub verandah was painted by Jimmy Willing with a theme of 'old time Nimbin'.

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