nimbin pioneers

Nimbin holds a special place in the Bundjalung Aboriginal culture. Nimbin and its surrounding ranges are rich with stories reaching back to the dream time, resting place of Warrajum, the rainbow serpent, and a place of healing and initiation.

The word Nimbin, comes from the legend of the Nimbinjee people who are also the totem of the local Whiyabul tribe. The ancient sleeping warrior of the Nightcap Range still lies in watch over the village like the famous Nimbin Rocks which are now under the custodianship of the Bundjalung people.

The early European settlers penetrated the Nimbin valley for timber in the 1840's. The area was first subdivided in 1903 and Gazetted in 1906. As the timber industry declined, cleared land was turned into a thriving dairy and banana farming district.

The area was revitalised by the Aquarius Festival in 1973, which brought an influx of new settlers seeking to build a new alternative lifestyle away from the city. Two decades later, it is this alternative culture for which Nimbin is best known internationally.

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