nimbin rocks

The Nimbin Rocks are volcanic extrusions of rhyolite left over from the Woollumbin/Mount Warning Tweed  Shield Volcano that erupted around 20 million years ago .

As part of an eroded dyke of the shield volcano, the Rocks are situated just outside the present day caldera wall about 20 km from Wollumbin or Mount Warning, and three kilometres from Nimbin village.

They are an extremely significant cultural site to the local Wiyabal clan of the Bundjalung nation, who believe the rocks are home to the Nmbngee, or Clever Men. They were also initiation grounds for young boys and a part of the dreaming story .

The three most prominent rocks were named by early white settlers as the Thimble, Cathedral and Needle.

The Nimbin Rocks viewing area is on Nimbin Road, 2km’s from the village.

There is NO direct access to the Nimbin Rocks

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