• Idle Worship

    Idle Worship

    17 Aug - 13 Oct 2019

    Idle Worship explores contemporary notions of reverence, worship and idolisation. The exhibition, curated by Natalie Bull & Zoë Robinson-Kennedy, focuses on (more)

  • The Dark Sublime :: Emma Walker

    The Dark Sublime :: Emma Walker

    31 Aug - 20 Oct 2019

    Intricate and far-reaching networks of communication and exchange occur beneath our feet. Worlds of relationship, chatter, barter and life, hidden in the dark (more)

  • Open Air :: Grayson Cooke & Emma Walker

    Open Air :: Grayson Cooke & Emma Walker

    31 Aug - 20 Oct 2019

    Open Air is a project produced by media artist Grayson Cooke in collaboration with painter Emma Walker, and with the music of The Necks. Through a partnership with (more)

  • Lismore Art Club's 59th Annual Art Exhibition

    Lismore Art Club's 59th Annual Art Exhibition

    6-17 Sep 2019
    North Lismore

    Lismore Art Club inc. is celebrating its 59th Annual Art Exhibition, where LAC members will showcase their visual Art. As usual the pupils of Wilson Park Special (more)

  • Comes from the shadow :: Jumaadi

    Comes from the shadow :: Jumaadi

    14 Sep - 17 Oct 2019

    ‘My works attempt to become the shadow, or perhaps they originated from shadow. They are often about birth, love and death, where displacement, isolation, (more)

  • Code Club

    Code Club

    16 Sep 2019

    Come to the Lismore Library and join in on Scratch Coding! Scratch is a graphical programming language, where childrencan drag and combine code blocks to make a (more)

  • Beginners & Beyond Yoga

    Beginners & Beyond Yoga

    16 Sep 2019

    Class with Theresa. Classical Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Patanjali and the sutras as taught by Krishnamacharya, Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Vinyasa Yoga: (more)

  • Spinning workshop

    Spinning workshop

    16 Sep 2019

    This Fibre Arts workshop is held every 3rd Monday of the month and focuses on spinning wheels, fine fibres, locally grown organic cotton, silk and cashmere. Drop (more)

  • Lismore Organic Market

    Lismore Organic Market

    17 Sep 2019

    The Lismore Organic Market are committed to providing local organic produce, reducing our carbon footprint. Our stallholders have travelled an average of 20kms (more)

  • Capoeira


    17 Sep 2019

    Capoeira is a dynamic fusion of dance, martial arts and gymnastics that will increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and agility. These classes are designed for (more)

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