- excerpt from the original song by the Incredible String Band - adopted anthem of the 1973 Aquarius Festival.

Located in Northern NSW, Nimbin is nestled in the foothills of the Nightcap National Park, a little over a one-hour drive west of Byron Bay. Once a sleepy dairying village, the Aquarius Festival in 1973 acted as a catalyst for Nimbin to grow into the colourful and vibrant community it is today, united by the values of sustainability, environmentalism, and alternative culture.

This internationally famous village is brimming with public art and buskers, all set against the backdrop of a muralled streetscape depicting indigenous, rainforest and psychedelic scenes. Play or relax in our community recreation precinct on Sibley Street where you will find Nimbin’s world class skate park, swimming pool, bowls club, half-court basketball court and children’s playground equipment, providing recreational activities for all ages.

Nimbin has an eclectic selection of shops and galleries. Book a massage at the Green Bank and while you’re there, browse a selection of ethical, sustainable homewares and gift ideas. Drop into the Nimbin Apothecary to consult with a qualified herbalist and shop a selection of natural cosmetics, essential oils, and herbal remedies. Nimbin Artists’ Gallery features work by local artists, both emerging and established, with originals and prints available for purchase. Be sure to check out the Visitor Information Centre for friendly information about the area and a selection of local bespoke and artisanal gift ideas. Located adjacent to the VIC is the Bush Theatre Café, situated along the banks of Mulgum Creek, at the site of the historical butter factory. The café provides delicious seasonal produce, grown and harvested from the kitchen gardens and the theatre space hosts regular events, classes, and workshops. After your meal, visit Nimbin Candles to see how they make their traditionally crafted candles and spend some time spotting platypuses in the nearby creek.


The village also features several experiential learning hubs such as Djanbung Gardens, Rainbow Power Company and 7 Sibley Street where you can stay, learn, and engage with sustainable living practices through workshops and community classes. For those wishing to learn more about the burgeoning hemp industry, the Hemp Embassy contains a wealth of resources and friendly volunteers who are happy to answer your questions. 

Book a longer stay to enjoy regular live music venues and annual special events. Nimbin School of Arts regularly hosts the phenomenal Blue Moon Cabaret, attracting a high calibre of local and international performers for a night of music and entertainment. The Nimbin Mardi Grass is a three-day annual festival with events and workshops that explore the medicinal, industrial and social benefits of cannabis and advocates drug law reform.

In addition to a thriving arts and cultural scene, evidenced in the main street Artists’ Gallery and many retail outlets, Nimbin is known for its fresh, organic produce and local crafts. Farmers’ Markets are held every Wednesday in Nimbin and Saturday in Blue Knob where visitors can purchase an array of local and organic produce, including the award-winning Nimbin Valley Dairy cheese. The Nimbin craft markets take place in the Nimbin Community Centre every fourth and (occasional) fifth Sunday of the month where you can browse local artisan wares and sample an array of mouth-watering cuisines.

While you’re here, why not explore one of the walking tracks that navigate through the Nightcap National Park’s untouched Gondwana landscapes or stop in at the Nimbin Environment Centre and have a chat with one of its volunteers about Nimbin’s environmental legacy.

Before your visit, be sure to download the Nimbin SoundTrails App which will guide you through places of significance in the village, based on your location.

With something for everyone, Nimbin offers a truly unique and memorable visitor experience.

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