In the hills just 30kms north of Lismore, is Nimbin, once a sleepy little dairying village in a lush setting of farmland and forest.

Today, Nimbin is known the world over as Australia’s most famous hippie destination and alternative lifestyle capital. Nimbin shot to fame when it hosted the 1973 Aquarius Festival, attracting students, hippies and visionaries from all over Australia. Once the bands left and the dust settled, a few intrepid souls stayed on to live the dreams and ideology of Aquarius and sow the seeds for today’s vibrant, sustainable community.

Nimbin is the perfect place to stay, to relax, rejuvenate and let Mother Nature work her charms. You can stay in a luxurious cabin on the edge of the rainforest, in a B&B or backpackers, or perhaps in a teepee with spectacular mountain views.

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