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I have been an active member of the Nimbin Community for well over 15 years now.

Volunteering, alongside many others, to showcase the diversity of Nimbin with the first Visions of Nimbin weekend and to raise funds to purchase the old school site for our own community centre.

Starting the monthly poetry nights at the Cage in the newly acquired Community Centre was the beginning of what has now become one of the most anticipated cultural events of the region; The Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup.

The monthly Poetry nights eventually moved over to the Oasis Cafe and we recently celebrated our 16th birthday. These nights have been the catalyst for many a poet to sign up and have a go at the big one. With over $5000 in prize money.

Since starting the Poetry Cup I’ve meet so many wonderful visitors to our little village, poets and tourists alike comment on the beauty, not only of the surrounds but the heart of the people.

This town vibrates, to those who feel, a knowing, an understanding, a way to do things differently, it is possible, and we come together to show that in so many ways.

I live in a diverse town where dope dealing and petty crime exists side by side with so much artistic flair – healers, magicians, angels, entertainers of such variety, thinkers, doers and of course the dreamers.

I believe that we are all poets, the desire to write feelings, thought, ideas or merely play with words is within us all and when we provide a venue, more and more folk will dare to share.

I’ve also been involved in Neighbourhood Centre Soup Kitchen for the last 12 years, the annual madness that is MardiGrass, and have volunteered in the shop at the Hemp Embassy helping to educate people about hemp.

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