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I came to Nimbin for the 1973 Aquarius Festival that was organised by the Australian Students Union. I live on Tuntable Falls Community which was established following the Aquarius Festival.

My former career before coming to Nimbin was a Chief Librarian of Strathfield and Homebush Libraries in Western suburbs of Sydney.

Since coming to Nimbin I have helped establish a Pre School at Tuntable Falls, and was employed as Director for 2 years. I organised the Youth Club in Nimbin in a voluntary capacity for 15 years, and worked for 5 years as Youth Housing officer for Lilyseed.

I’ve served on the committee of the Nimbin Aquarius Foundation for 22 years.

Over the years, we’ve endeavoured to help keep alive the values which brought the new settlers to Nimbin and seen the town evolve from almost a ghost town to the thriving and creative community of the present.

We have been instrumental in keeping alive the street murals, which are now valued and supported as part or our heritage and a significant tourist attraction.

I am a financial member of eight different community groups, and serve as Treasurer of Nimbin Aquarius Foundation, and I am on the Board of Nimbin Community School Co-operative.

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