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nimbin rocks

On the outskirts of Nimbin, the towering Nimbin Rocks are estimated to be 20 million years old.  The Rocks are of great significance to the traditional owners from the Bundjalung nation.  Whilst this sacred site has restricted access to the general public, you can check out the Rocks from the viewing area 3kms south of the village.

The Myth – Dr Ruby Langford Ginibi (Old Time Nimbin; Maurice Ryan)

“That place, Nimbin Rocks, is a burial place of our tribal elders, the law-givers [and of wiyin-gali, clever man).That’s a very sacred place to our people, they never go there without singing the lingo, letting the old ones know they are coming. When they leave that place it is so sacred that they pick a branch and brush their footprints off the ground. [It is place only for men, women must not go there.]” from My Bunjalung People

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